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The Curriculum

At Avalon Montessori Toddler Program, we embrace the Montessori Method developed by the visionary Dr. Maria Montessori. Her philosophy of independence, freedom within limits, and a child-centered approach resonate deeply with our teaching philosophy. We provide a prepared environment that is beautiful, inviting, and thoughtfully arranged, where scientifically designed materials await children’s exploration. Our multi-age classrooms foster a sense of community and encourage children to learn at their own pace, developing concentration, independence, and a love for lifelong learning.

At Avalon Montessori Toddler Program, we understand the importance of creating a sense of community and celebrating special occasions. Our morning gathering provides a platform for recognizing holidays, birthdays, and important topics through engaging stories and conversations. Through seasonal songs, finger plays, and rhythm sticks, our children experience a variety of music and movement activities. Simple mindfulness exercises are also incorporated to help them find calm, self-control, and a positive mindset.

Our program offers a carefully crafted daily schedule and engaging Montessori curriculum to create an ideal environment for your little one’s growth and development.

Our Montessori Curriculum encompasses five key areas of study:

Practical Life

Each area is carefully curated with Montessori materials that enhance children’s understanding and skill development. Practical life exercises empower children to master everyday tasks, while sensorial activities awaken their senses and broaden their understanding of the world. Mathematics concepts are introduced concretely and progress towards abstract thinking, and language development is nurtured through various engaging materials. Our cultural curriculum expands children’s horizons, providing opportunities to explore geography, other cultures, and scientific concepts.

Join us at Avalon Montessori Toddler Program

Choosing Avalon Montessori Toddler Program for your child comes with numerous benefits. We recognize and value each child as a unique individual, accommodating different learning styles and allowing them to progress at their own pace. Our intentional classroom design and routines foster order, concentration, and independence. Children become part of a close-knit, caring community where older students mentor younger ones, fostering a sense of support and confidence. Our Montessori approach encourages children to be active seekers of knowledge, engaging their natural curiosity and joy in learning. Through self-correction and self-assessment, children develop a growth mindset and learn from their mistakes. Social-emotional skills are prioritized, promoting empathy, social justice, and a love for lifelong learning.

Apply now and embark on an extraordinary educational adventure that will shape your child’s future!

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